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Last summer I had dinner with an old friend in Berkeley, and she chose her favorite Italian restaurant on Shattuck ave. A bite of Lo Coco’s tiramisu and I was hooked. It was creamy and light with the perfect amount of coffee and cocoa powder.

Too bad I didn’t know about Lo Coco’s when I was at Cal!

Here is my tiramisu macaron:

Mascarpone cheese made in-house, then added to coffee reduction. The shell is dusted with cocoa powder. The almond in the shell adds a nice dimension to this classic flavor.












Pumpkin cream pie:

When I lived in France, there was no pumpkin dessert. I am not sure why pumpkin pie isn’t popular there. Perhaps it’s because the French don’t really cook with spices like the Americans do. 

My pumpkin cream macaron has a light pumpkin buttercream infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. 

 The shell is colored with turmeric and sprinkled with cinnamon.












Candied Pecan:

Last spring I spent an afternoon at Yo’s house removing pecans from their shells. It was so much work! I now see shelled pecans as a treasure from above.

The candied pecan macaron has a creamy pecan buttercream with a candied pecan in the middle. Soft, chewy, and crunchy; this macaron’s got texturality!