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I have always wanted to have an Italian nonna, who would take the time to patiently

teach me the art of authentic, Italian cuisine. After another disastrous ‘pasta day’ in

my kitchen, I couldn’t help complaining to my friend, Frances. She invited me to her

home, and introduced me to her family’s best cook –her mother, Mrs. Angelina.


From Puglia, Italy, Mrs. Angelina’s warm smile made me feel right at home! Her smile

faded a bit when I accidentally called her “nonni” (a vulgar word), but she quickly

laughed off my mistake.














Mrs. Angelina is exactly how I imagined a nonna would be: energetic, talkative, and incredibly

passionate about her food.

For six hours, she patiently taught me how to slowly incorporate the water with the

flour, when to knead to dough and when to let it rest, and how roll it out ever so thinly!


First add some flour to a large bowl and make a well in the center where you drop a beaten egg.












Mix the egg with the flour in circular motion;Add 2 TBS of water and “squeeze” the egg-flour mixture with the water. Do this until all the water has been completely incorporated




Once everything feels dry, add 1 TBS of water at a time and continue squeezing and

gathering the dough until it just forms into a ball.

The key is to use as little water as possible.












 Wrap the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Next, knead the dough until it is as soft as a baby’s behind. Let it rest again

for another 30 minutes.



To roll, you roll the dough onto itself and use this very long rolling pin;

Roll and stretch out the dough simultaneously like this:














Once the dough is nice and thin, you can cut it into different shapes.












To cook, add the pasta to the boiling water. When the pasta floats to the top,

it is ready! YUM! Light and soft, yet with a hint of chewiness. So delicious!













Frances, Angelina, Bobby, and Robert: Thank you for welcoming me into your

home and teaching me the art of making pasta! My belly thanks you, too!