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I love traveling the world to learn of new people, cultures, and foods. I try to live like locals to learn where they eat and how they prepare their food. This traveling style has taken me to restaurants off the beaten paths, holes-in-the-walls, outdoor markets, and lots of street food.

On the streets of Arequipa, ‘La Ciudad Blanca ‘or ‘The White City’.  Food-wise, everything is fried here. Fried meat, fried potatoes, and very little vegetables! Good thing I brought stretchable yoga pants!

Santa Catalina convent is a must-see!   Bright colored walls, beautiful architecture, and there’s a fun pastry shop owned by the sisters where they sell homemade cakes. This convent was the place where wealthy girls lived if they were not married.  Talk about pressure! 


We then  headed to Cusco, the capital of Peru. It’s altitude was 11,200 ft! Once we adjusted to the elevation, we visited the San Pedro Market and searched for spices and souvenirs.

Here is my favorite: alfajores!  Doesn’t it resemble a macaron? Melt- in-your-mouth cookies sandwiching a thick flavorful dulce de Leche.  You can find these delicious treats everywhere in Peru. For a recipe, click here.  An alfajores macaron is definitely in the works!

Alfajores in Arequipa

Although the  trip to Peru was cut short due to my friend friend’s injury (i.e. right knee shattered in seven pieces and a left broken ankle), I’m thankful we made is back somewhat safely, and I treasure our fantastic times there. Once he is able to walk again, we plan toall return to Peru and finally visit Machu Picchu! This means we’ll get to try more peruvian dishes! I can’t wait.

In the meantime, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance with Medevac evacuation! We learned the hard way…