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My friend R.C. LOVES red velvet cakes. After every trip from NYC, I can expect to see him first thing in the morning, still jet-lagged from his red-eye flight, with a box of cupcakes in hand. After tasting several red velvets one morning, he describes the ultimate red velvet: It should have a light yet creamy cream cheese frosting, a nice color, a hint of cocoa, and it must have the big M.

“The big M? ” I ask. “Yes, Moisture.”

Here are few tips to give your cakes the big M:

1. Reducing the amount of sugar in a recipe will lead to a dry cake. When sugar melts, it’s a liquid. And less liquid means less moisture.

2. Are you adding too much flour? First stir the flour in its container, then scoop the required amount in measuring cup. Finally level off with a chopstick.

3. Over mixing the batter once the flour is in will also lead to a dry cake. So, fold in the flour gently and walk away.

4. If your cake is dry, try saving it by brushing some syrup over it and then continue with the frosting. Yes, moisture injection therapy!

This article on Yahoo! describes the ultimate Red Velvet and gives a recipe

Good luck!